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About Us


Greenovation – Eco dinnerware is an emerging concept in big requirement of keeping the earth green and clean.

We at ‘Greenovation’ are aimed at changing habits and mindset about using disposable items. We focus on qualitative, reliable and affordable products with responsibility towards the environment. We are positive about customer review and will be proved responsive to our consumers. 

We use sustainable resource (made from fallen leaves – 100% natural) and through 100% Eco-Friendly process make quality product, which we hope will prove best on customer trust.

‘Palm Leaf’ is biodegradable & compostable with a guarantee of 100% natural processing without the use of waxes, chemicals or additives, never intervene in taste or quality of food.

It is made after in depth market research, and hence is best in design, quality and will best suit consumer requirements.


Leading the world towards ‘Green Earth’ by being top contributor in disposable market with our 100% natural and Eco-Friendly product(s).


Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They are passionate about the work, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.

The mission of ‘Green Earth’ cannot be accomplished without proper understanding or our role in it. We, therefore, are focused on training, knowledge sharing and inspiring our team. Our production and supplier team is also part of our movement.

We are very excited and hopeful for continued support.


Greenovation Team